Area County Races Listed

Thursday, July 24th 2008, 3:29 pm
By: News 9

The following elections will be held in the Tuesday, July 29 primary.  Only the races that have more than one candidate in each political party will be in the primary. 

Click here for races in counties not listed below.  This is a PDF link that is 2.47 MB.  Oklahoma County area races are listed in this PDF link.


Canadian County

Court Clerk
Democrats: Sherry Murray, Anna Hrdy
Republicans: Allen Arnold, Marie Ramsey

County Clerk
Republicans: Shelley Dickerson, Barbara Haley

Republicans: Lewis Hawkins, Randall Edwards

District 2 County Commissioner
Republicans: David Anderson, Scott Gibson, Richard Engle, Monty Keely, Theresa Ramsey


Cleveland County

County Clerk
Republicans: Kerrie Hudson, Tammy Howard

Democrats: Rick Adkins, Kelly Owings
Republicans: Joe Lester, Roy Magerkurth, Lynn Statton, Mark Hamm, Timothy Carson, Doug Blaine

District 2 County Commissioner
Republicans: George Skinner, Charles Wright, Earl Cox


Logan County

Democrats: Sonny Bradford, Randy Richardson, Dan Belk
Republicans: Jim Bauman, Robert Hardee

District 2 County Commissioner
Democrats: Kevin Leach, David Habben


Oklahoma County

County Clerk
Republicans: Stan Inman, Carolynn Caudill

District 2 County Comissioner
Democrats: Jim Dickinson, Bob Boyster, Charles Saunders
Republicans: J.D. Johnston, Brent Rinehart, Brian Maughan