Operation Boot Camp - Day 26

Friday, July 25th 2008, 4:45 pm
By: News 9

July 25

Operation Boot Camp - Day 26 (final day of month one)

Wow...today was it...the last day of month one! It's been like a rollercoaster for me. Most of it has felt like I was zooming downhill, hands in the air and yelling "weeeeeee!" A few times I was terrified, like when the coaster is taking you up that first big hill and you're not quite sure what's on the other side of it. Just like any coaster, it was over before I knew it. I'm just thankful I get to do it another month!

My very first day of boot camp we took a PT test. Below are day results one compared to today. I think the numbers are amazing:

1-mile run
Day One - 10:56
Today - 8:51

Sit Ups
Day One - 30
Today - 43

Push Ups
Day One - 11
Today - 31

Tricep Dips
Day One - 41
Today - 90

So the big question: have I lost any weight? Yes! I started at 149 pounds. Today I weigh 145. Four pounds might not be much, but it's something. I have a feeling it's my body fat content that's gone down, because I'm certain I've gained muscle. My legs are now solid and firm. My arms have tone. I have abdominal muscles showing. I can see my jawline again!

My proportions are now as follows:

Chest: 36" (1" loss)
Waist: 27" (1" loss)
Hips: 38" (2" loss)
Thighs: 23" (.5" loss)
Calf: 13.5 (stayed the same)
Bicep: 11.5" (.5" loss)

In total, I've lost 5 inches in 26 days!

I really want to take the time to thank my fellow campers and the instructors. I was just too emotional this morning to really say anything! Thanks to all of the campers, it's been great getting to know all of you, and I sincerely appreciate your encouragement!

BIG BIG thanks go to Tracie and Scott. Your leadership and attitude are so inspiring! Jenny, Jena, Molly and Chris, thank you for all of your encouragement! You do a great job! Mark and Kat, I owe you both a special thanks. You've both worked really hard as the "Charlie" leaders and challenged me to really do my best and stay on track. We might not have hit the 6-minute mile today, but I don't even care. You've helped me feel better and stronger, and look the best I have in years. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Thank you to everyone who's read this blog and left comments, called me or sent emails. I hope you all enjoy boot camp as much as I am! If you're starting the program Monday, just do your best and keep it up. Don't quit! I promise, you'll be so proud of yourself after each workout you won't even think about how well you did or didn't do. All that matters is to keep going!

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the second half of the Lookin' Good in the Neighborhood challenge. Have a great weekend everyone...see you Monday!

Hoo Ya!

-- Paula Morrison