Operation Boot Camp, Month 2 - Day 5

Friday, August 1st 2008, 3:25 pm
By: News 9

August 1

Operation Boot Camp, Month 2 - Day 5

Commando Cones. That's the name of today's exercise. It's the one we did on my second day last month, and what gave me such a phobia of the orange cones. When we were finished last month, I cried. No, really. It was exhausting and I was disappointed to have ran the "suicide" sprints so slowly. Today I could tell I ran probably twice as fast as I did last month. And I've already achieved one of my goals - to learn to love the cones. Today was fun.

I'd like to share a success story from one of the boot campers. His name is Greg. He did boot camp in May and June, took July off, and he's back for August. Since May, he's lost 46 pounds! He's only 4 pounds shy of his 50-pound goal. He says he did it by coming to class every day and following the eating plan. Yeah...it's that simple. Mind over matter.

-- Paula