Go HD with your radio

Thursday, August 7th 2008, 6:44 pm
By: News 9

By Joel Craig, NEWS 9 Contributor

HD Radio is here and unlike Satellite radio, it's free.

Satellite radio is a pay service much like satellite TV, cable TV or your cell phone.

The cost is about $13 a month and provides you with 150+ channels of various choices in entertainment, just like TV. Some channels are commercial free and others have advertising but you can select the stations that appeal to you.

You can buy various kinds of radios - portable, home and it's even in many of today's car radios.

Just like satellite radio there is also HD radio, home versions, adapters for your current car radio and some new models of cars have it built-in.

Once you have an HD Radio, listening is free. There are currently 16 channels available in Oklahoma City, 19 in Tulsa and 48 in Dallas, all on the air right now and more channels are coming.

HD radios come in all types and prices. Some models can cost less than $100.

Your current radio just can't compare to the new HD radio.

With HD radio, FM stations sound like you're listening to a CD and on AM the sound improves to the quality of current regular FM radio. No monthly charge just superior sound.

If you travel a lot, have a long commute, or have specific types of entertainment you like to listen to, satellite radio may be for you.

If you stay in metro areas, like your local stations for home or office and don't want to have another monthly bill, check out HD Radio.

Both types of digital radio provide great sound. The choice of which to own, or to stay with regular radio, is up to you.