A 'Thunder' of a Glitch? Come on!

Tuesday, August 12th 2008, 2:05 pm
By: News 9

Thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder.  OKC/NBA can tell us all they want it's not the new nickname of their team, but come on!  Really!  How do you explain the Oklahoma City schedule link under www.nba.com connecting you to www.nba.com/thunder.  That schedule link now connects you to the fairly new www.nba.com/oklahomacity site.  The local spokesman for the team told us it was a "glitch" on the NBA website.  And here I thought only TV stations had "technical difficulties".

Click the link all you want now, but the NBA has not only discontinued the link, but the page is now completely blank.  Before, it linked you to an NBA page which suggested the page had been removed or was made temporarily unavailable.  But even now, that completely blank page still sets itself apart from all the other possible NBA links.

Case in point, it doesn't matter what you type after the forward slash, it connects you to the NBA's ‘temporarily unavailable' page.  For example:

 www.nba.com/dougwarner (use my name, your name, it doesn't really matter)

 www.nba.com/morrisdayandthetime (my favorite musical group of all time)

 www.nba.com/youknowyournicknameisreallythethunder (to big for a jersey)

You see, they all link to the same temporary NBA page.  When you type whatever you want after the forward-slash, it makes for hours of fun; almost as much fun as watching the Sonics' home games last year.

Oh, what is one to do now?  How do you use ‘Thunder' when we accidentally stole your thunder, then you would neither confirm nor deny ‘Thunder', but you clearly had the NBA wipe out all signs of ‘Thunder' from www.nba.com/thunder?  I tell you what you do!  You go right ahead and name the team ‘Thunder' and relish in the fact we didn't stop talking about your team for weeks when we would have otherwise been yapping about Olympic target shooting or who will be the deep snapper for the Northwestern Oklahoma State Rowdy Rangers - and I wasn't even sure they had football until I looked it up on the internet.

But back to my original point - why in the world would you make the ‘Thunder' link completely blank?  Because when one has been caught, you tend to go over-the-top to erase your mistake.  And by the way, somebody should tell Northwestern Oklahoma State, the NBA has already registered their team's name.  If you don't believe me, check it out yourself.  Here's the link:  www.nba.com/northwesternoklahomastaterowdyrangers.