"The Penny Test"

Thursday, August 14th 2008, 9:23 am
By: News 9

Hey there...if you are cutting back on your family budget .... maybe you are thinking... "somethig's gotta give." I have learned the warning...cutting back now on your car... may have you paying more later.

"Triple A" says the soaring price of everything from gas to groceries is putting a wrench in basic car maintenance.. with many drivers skimping on important check like anti freeze.. and brake pads.... these are just some of the biggest safety concerns which could cause a serious accident.

I thought this was a great idea when i heard about it.... The Penny Test. ...to see if your wheels are worn out... try the penny test.... here's how it works...

If you can put a penny in the tire and see the forehead of the penny.. then you know there is not enough tread.

Don't forget the simple things... like get your oil changed.......and keep an eye on belts and hoses to avoid sudden breakdowns.. .. and while it may seem obvious.. remember wiper blades are crucial.. but Triple A says they are often overlooked...

Safe travels now will save you later.

Have a great weekend.