No Rest For The Weary, Bleary Olympic Viewers

Friday, August 22nd 2008, 7:26 pm
By: News 9

Have you found yourself yawning a lot lately?  I have and it's not because I've been working the nightshift at News 9.

I have been up late at night, watching every single moment of the Olympics.  Not just Michael Phelps' phenomenal swimming or Usain Bolt's staggering record-breaking triumph in the 100 and 200 meter races, but everything. Basketball, beach and indoor volleyball, equestrians, gymnastics, you name it; I've watched it.

I didn't matter that I haven't heard of most of these athletes and their sports before now.  The Summer Olympics, for me, was always must-see television.  The 1996 Summer Games in which Michael Johnson blew away the competition during his 200 and 400 meter runs -no offense to Bolt-still ranks as my all-time  favorite Olympic moments.

But as much as I enjoy watching the Summer Olympics, the recent past showings have underwhelmed me.  With the exception of Kathy Freeman astounding run in the 400 meters and Michael Johnson's run in the same event, Sydney's 2000 Olympics didn't really impress me. Ditto for 2004 Olympics in Athens. Perhaps it was the production values.

This time is different. From the Opening Ceremonies to the triumphs (paging Usain Bolt) and the slip-ups (U.S. track and field), everyone is talking about the games.  Some of them are yawning almost as much as I am.

As much as I enjoyed them, I'll be glad when they're all over. 

I need some rest.