Letters reveal cherished friendships lost

Tuesday, September 2nd 2008, 10:40 pm
By: News 9


The following letters were submitted by friends of the three OSU students who were killed in a car wreck near Ponca City, during the Labor Day weekend.



I was very close to all four victims; the three that passed away were very close friends. I saw them almost every day. I don't even know where to begin.

Chris Bellmer was an very inspiring individual, he was always but his life into perspective looking at how he could grow as a human either by inspiring others or simply just having a shoulder to lean on. There is a link missing from our chain of friends that can never be replaced. I am going to miss his little mannerisms and random outbursts of joy. He will never truly know how much he will be missed; he was a true inspiration to others and will truly be missed.
Christian Wright would light up a room whenever he walked into it, he was always smiling and cracking jokes. He was truly one of a kind, one of the friendliest people you would ever meet, it didn't matter who you were he would have a kind word to say or do something to make you laugh. He will truly be missed in our circle of friends as well as on the campus. It is also tragic that not only did we lose Christian but we lost his wonderful girlfriend Kelly Mellon, she was a rose among thorns, always smiling and would do anything for anybody at the drop of a hat. Always had something sweet to say, I don't think there was a mean bone in her body, I still can't believe the tragedy that took these great individuals from us. It seems as if I am in a bad dream and haven't woken up yet. But on a lighter note the four victim Stephen Sellers, a long time friend and room-mate if recovering at a good rate, actually talked to him on the phone today. He is very alert and is aware of what happened. He still has a long road in front of him but Stephen is a fighter and he won't give up, I have full confidence in him. What can't you say about Stephen is the backbone to our group of friends, never a dull moment, and one of the biggest hearts I have ever met, always putting his friends and family in front of himself.
Thank you for letting me share what these great people meant to me, truly an inspirational group of people.

Sincerely, Ryan Frans



Christopher Bellmer: was a person who was welcoming goal driven and very knowledgeable. He always knew all the most random facts and always had a credible opinion on anything. My favorite moment of Chris was during Halloween when he did the Harlem shake! It was historical. He was a very respected person because of how he carried himself and how he treated his friends. He loved Houston more then anyone I knew. Bellmer was set for greatness. He was the ultimate goal driven man.

Kelli Mellon was a young lady who was well spoken and was raised properly. I don't know anyone else like her and how she portrayed herself. She was such a good girl and she always brightened up the room. No one ever had anything bad to say about her. She was a beautiful girl with a good life. Her and Christian where a great couple and she treated him like no one else did! She was strong to put up with Christian! She was a girl that I considered to be a key ingredient to my future. Kelli is what people should strive to be an open, intriguing awesome woman.

Christian Wright was my BEST friend! We had so many days in our life that I wouldn't trade for anything! I have known him for 5yrs and I never thought this day would come! He was hysterical and loving. My favorite thing about Christian is that he would laugh all the time and his laughter was relieving, inspirational, refreshing and a magnet for enjoyment! The fact that he was a well collected person and having so much in common with him drew me to him as a best friend! I love Christian Wright and I will never forget him nor will I ever let anyone tarnish his name! He was the best person I have met in my whole life.

Stephen Sellers is the light at the end of the tunnel. Hearing him scream for help was the best and most satisfying thing I have ever heard in my life. I am devastated and joyful at the same time in a state of anarchy. My emotions at the time were in disarray I didn't know what to do. I love Stephen sellers and I will always be there for him.

Cody Welsch, Justin Otto, Guyla Scott and myself had to witness this horrible event happen while we were all going to the lake. I will always remember this unbelievable incident and I will never forget there beautiful faces. It's been hard to see my friends in that condition and not being able to assist more then what we did. I will remember them like everyone else will and not by images of the accident.

These three people mean the world to me, it is so hard to get through this knowing that your close friend, a beautiful friend, and your best friend have passed. Fortunately it is a relief to see that Stephen sellers is alive and doing well. He has been through some struggles but he is getting through it all.

Thank you to everyone for the support it has been an easier transition with the huge support!

-Valentine Ezugha



My name is Durfey Thompson III and I'm an accounting grad student up here at OSU and Valentine Ezugha, my roommate, said that you were taking information on the three that died from OSU in the car wreck this past Sunday. I myself was close friend to Christian Wright, Kelli Mellon, and Chris Bellmer, and a childhood friend and current roommate of Stephen Sellers, the survivor.

Christian Wright: Where to begin with this young man. Truly a one of a kind type of person that could make friends and get along with anyone in which he came in contact with. You not go anywhere in the Stillwater area with Christian without him knowing at least one person. He will be missed for countless reasons unique to those that had a relationship with Christian, but for its the "life" talks we shared along with Valentine "Vivi" Ezugha, there would be nights where the three of us would just chill at the house and just give input or advise to each other pertaining to what currently has going on in our lives whether it be girls, school, family, work, no topic was beyond the scope of our conversations.

Kelli Mellon: She had one the biggest, brightest, and most beautiful smiles you will ever see on an individual. She was girlfriend to Christian Wright and their relationship is what made my friendship with her stronger. I was her male consultant and someone she talk to when times were shaky with the two. This was a mutual thing between us because she offered the same kind of support when times were not always going well for me, she rarely failed cheering me up especially once that patented smile of hers came out!

Christopher Bellmer: The goofy one of the group, but at the same time sophisticated, complex, and organized. Where I had to look up how to spell sophisticated just now he would have already known. If you had a google type of question he was the one you asked. Bellms was driven by perfection; it was evident in everything he did, from school to working on his jump shot to the way he kept his room. As with any group of friends countless argument took place between us whether it be as a group or between individuals, that's were Bellmer came into action; he was a mediator, a conflict resolver. And if you were ever so fortunate to see his "Harlem shake" that memory alone could bring a bright spot to the even darkest of days, and during times like this memories such as that is what friends and family need to get by.

Stephen Sellers: Now will be the backbone and foundation of bringing any kind of closure to those that knew the victims. Me and Stephen commonly known as beaven, have been friends since 5th grade, and have been like brothers to each other. He has always been strong willed and a fighter, which is to no surprise that he, has been able to recover thus far from his injuries. He now represents a symbol of hope for all of us affected by this tragedy, even if you don't know him, just his will to push on will forever be evident. He always told me that God had a big plan for him; I have a feeling that this moment in time is the beginning of that plan.




From Guyla Scott:

Everything has happened so fast I don't know if I can express my true feelings yet because I don't even know what's going on.

I have known Christian for about 3-4 years and almost all of my friends and I met through Christian, he had a lot of influence in my life. He was the greatest person to be around if you ever had a problem. He knew just what to say to cheer you up and make you laugh. He had a joke for every situation.
I met Kelli, once they started dating. Kelli and I soon became close friends because both of us were going through the same situations. She soon became my confidant. I knew that I could trust her with anything. Because Christian joked all the time, it seemed like they never had a serious relationship but they loved each other so much. They were the kind of couple that everyone liked to have around, just because you knew you would have a good laugh.
I loved Bellmer because if he liked something he was passionate about it. He loved sports and could tell you anything and everything about it. He was headed in the sports management direction and I know he would have done a wonderful job because of his passion for sports and life.
Steven is so strong; he is getting better and better every day. Even though he had some severe injuries I thank God that he will be coming back to us soon. We now have a special bond with Steven because he was the last to be with all three of our friends.
I miss all of them so much. I pray that their families are coping with this awful news as best they can and if there was any way possible that I could go back, I would choose to not go to the lake that day or I would tell Valentine not to pass that semi. I will miss them greatly but their lives had so much influence on everyone that we can only learn from them. I will never forget them and always thank God that I was lucky enough to be their friend. Christian, Kelli, and Bellmer, I love you so much!