Sunday 2:17 p.m. - Wave of complaints

Sunday, September 14th 2008, 4:44 pm
By: News 9

We're trying to leave Houston. More heavy rain moved through this morning and several of the interstates are flooded. We're in a traffic jam but it must be our lucky day, they reopened it just now about 4 cars in front of us or we'd have had to take a long detour.

From what I've seen, rescue and recovery crews are everywhere. Even so, the Mayor of Houston just warned FEMA he would hold them accountable if they didn't get food, water, and ICE to Hurricane victims soon!

Geez! It's only been 24 hours since the winds died down. I guess the Mayor was kidding when he tossed around that catchy slogan ‘The first 72 (hours) are on YOU!' meaning have supplies for 3 days after the hurricane hits.

The guy who runs the county shut down the whining at the press conference real quick when he stepped up and said (paraphrase) "We're more concerned about rescuing people trapped in their homes than getting someone a bag of ice!"

Can't believe the griping already. FEMA has become a whipping boy.

Just heard a Congressman call in saying he's furious at FEMA that at the West Houston Command Post, they don't have food, water or gas. Are you kidding me congressman? It's Texas for crying out loud. You can't supply your own Command Post!

It's not that hard. We have one SUV carrying three men, clothes, rain gear, camera gear, sleeping bags AND food and water for four days, plus 5 five gallon gas cans strapped on.
We ran out of ice too, but it's not the end of the world.

Brace yourself for a flood of complaints about Uncle Sam not doing his part, most of them coming from Houston residents who don't have power or water.

If this is what it sounds like after one day, imagine after a week or two. But from what I've seen up to now most of the people closer to the coast got themselves ready for the storm or got out.

The key now is restoring power to the 2.8 million people without it.

Someone's going to be eating good. We just saw Swadley's BBQ out of Oklahoma "emergency response team" trailers rolling through Houston. Way to go Swadley's!

Traffic north out of Houston is crawling: could be a long drive.

We'll have a wrap up tonight at 10pm.