The Death of Global Warming?

Tuesday, September 16th 2008, 8:30 pm
By: News 9

New data made public by the government suggests that global temperatures have been cooling since 2005. Depending on the source of temperature data, some scientists claim the Globe has been cooling for much longer than that.

This June through August for the contiguous United States, the average temperature ended up the 22nd warmest on record. It sounds pretty scary, right? No so! This summer the average temperature was 72.7 degrees F. That is 0.8 degrees above the normal average temperature. The August temperature was 39th warmest and only 0.4 degrees above normal. These variances are tiny and appear to be flying in the face of global warming alarmists.

For the entire globe, considering land air temperatures and sea air temperatures, the summer of 2008 is ninth warmest and August was tenth warmest. Not record setting as we had been led to believe was going to happen.

Many people claimed that all of the Arctic ice would melt this summer. Well, it didn't happen. The ice coverage is low but now covers more than it did at this time last year. Temperatures continue to be lower in the Antarctic with ice amounts well above normal and increasing.

Let me tell you, no one really knows what is going on for sure. But let me assure you, it is a fact that the climate is always changing, always has and most likely always will. It is also a fact that the Sun drives our weather and therefore our climate. On that point, some will say no, that is not true. I say, let's turn the Sun off and see what happens. If that took place we're talking a round ice cube with no human life. So don't try to tell me the Sun is not the main player.