Flirting for an interview

Tuesday, September 16th 2008, 10:43 pm
By: News 9

I'm a reporter.  I'm not shy.  I talk a lot.  I'm rarely at a loss for words.

That was until today in the small town in Carney, Oklahoma.  I was sent there to cover the town's first football game in almost 90 years!   I'm from Southeast Texas, where high school football is simply a way of life, so I know how important this is for many folks.

Fast forward to the end of the first quarter and the Carney Bulldogs were struggling on the donated field.  I grabbed a lady who had been helping us and asked her to point out a parent in the stands who would be great candidate for an on-camera interview about the game.

They took me to a lady who was videotaping the game with her handheld camcorder.  She was the mom of the quarterback and she was also a teacher at the school.   In the middle of our interview, my photographer had to run back to the news truck to grab a new battery, so I had to spend about 5 or so minutes making small talk with the lady.

That's when a very young man, oh, let's say around 10 years old, walked up and loudly asked me, "HEY - are you flirting with this lady!!??"   I laughed along with everybody else and I had no idea what to say.  I think a few adults sitting close by told him it was a rude statement he made, and eventually I said "no, no I'm not".  

Again - I'm rarely at a loss for words.  Leave it up to an elementary student to finally shut me up.