Kelly and Amy face off in State Fair Championship

Wednesday, September 17th 2008, 5:10 pm
By: News 9


OKLAHOMA CITY -- Another year at the Oklahoma State Fair means new and exciting attractions for fair-goers, including a first-ever waterfall.

For those looking for danger, the Nerveless Nocks Stunt Show presents daredevils climbing 80 feet high.

"It just made my stomach feel weird, it was scary," fair attendee Ashley George said.

The fair also boasts Rockband 2008, a rollercoaster and paintball.

"I shot this guy in the hat," paintball player Kelton Beck said. "I snuck across and shot him."

For those looking for some unusual, the Wacky Wheeler rolls a 300 pound wheel around the state fairgrounds.

"If anybody brings any energy to the fair that is too serious, I can usually shake them out of it," Melvin the Wacky Wheeler said.

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This year's fair is also a little "greener" than the fairs in the past.

Kelly Ogle and Amy McRee faced off again this year in the NEWS 9 State Fair Championship.

After Amy won the title last year, Kelly showed up with vengeance. The two battled it out at the 2007 State Fair, milking cows, eating three "nutritious" things on a stick and riding the scariest ride the fair offered.

This years' competition was a little different.

The two, surrounded by adoring fans, battled it out playing Rock Star.