It’s finally time to go camping

Wednesday, October 1st 2008, 6:04 pm
By: News 9

By Christian Price, INsite Team

My vacation is days away and I can't wait.

My family enjoys camping, but we usually wait until this time of year to go. The leaves are changing their colors and the temperatures are a lot more bearable.

What's funny is, if you look at us as we are packing, you would think that we're going away for a couple of months.

I always rent the RV sites so we can take advantage of the electrical hook ups. I usually take about two 100 yard cords along with a couple of power strips. I then safely pack our TV and Playstation. When my boy gets board during the day with fishing, he plays games and naps until it gets dark enough for him to do his fire magic. (At night, Xavier strips down to his underwear and boots and dance's around the fire. Every time the wood in the fire crackles and pops, he thinks he did it with his ‘fire magic'. It's great to be a kid, even if you act like your mom from West Virginia.)

I always tell my boy that Bigfoot might venture into the camp so be on the lookout. The best part is my boy isn't afraid of the mythical beast. He has a list of questions he wrote out a while back, and when we go camping, he always brings that list. He wants to know why Bigfoot won't come live in the city. I've told him that his mom and dad live in the woods and they don't want to leave the cave they found and decorated. He doesn't buy my story, so when he meets Bigfoot, he going to ask all the ‘hard hitting' questions and I'm going to film the interview.

Even though my wife is from West Virginia, she hates camping. She always says that she grew up in the woods and the woods in Oklahoma aren't woods. I always joke that ever since I introduced her to electricity and air conditioning, she won't go outside any more. (It's a joke honey!)

We also bring back up propane grills in case it rains. TiKi torches are a must. They help keep the bugs away. We bring enough food to barbeque because somehow my friends track me down and wind up staying the entire time.

It's also great to wake up somewhere completely different than where you feel asleep. (I sometimes sleep walk. One time I wound up in a camp site on top of the cement picnic table. Unfortunately there was a family camping there.)

The best part of the whole trip is just sitting around, catching up with my friends, and spending time with my wife and son. It always reiterates why I work hard to get to my vacation.