Some voters will need ID Nov. 4

Thursday, October 2nd 2008, 3:12 pm
By: News 9

Some voters will be required to show identification at the polling place on November 4, because it is a federal election.  Voters who registered to vote by mail and did not provide identification with the mailed voter registration application will be asked for identification when they vote in a federal election the first time. 

This is required by a federal law called the Help America Vote Act.     

Several forms of identification are acceptable and include:

  • A current photo identification
  • A voter identification card issued by the Oklahoma County Election Board
  • A government document showing the voter's name and address
  • A utility bill, bank statement, or paycheck showing the voter's name and address

Voters who registered to vote by mail withou providing identification and have not voted in a federal election will need to have some form of identification with them prior to going to the poll. After showing identification, the voter will be issued a regular ballot, just as voters who are not required to show identification. 

If a voter is required to show identification there will be a message stating so in the signature line by the voter's name in the precinct registry, which will say "IDENTIFICATION REQUIRED."

After the voter shows the identification, they will simply sign their name over this message.  If a person being asked for "IDENTIFICATION REQUIRED" does not have any identification with them, they will then be issued a provisional ballot.  Once verified, at the County Election Board office, the ballot will be counted and included in the final election results. 

Any voter who registers by mail may include a copy of one of the acceptable forms of identification with their mailed Oklahoma Voter Registration Application.  Voters who provide a copy of acceptable identification when registering will avoid showing the identification at the poll.

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