Four big games this weekend

Friday, October 3rd 2008, 1:35 pm
By: News 9

Four big games this weekend could set up two bigger games next weekend.

An OU win at Baylor and a Texas win at Colorado sets up what would be one of the bigger OU/Texas games, which is saying a lot. It would be two Top-5 teams, perhaps a 1 vs. 3 or 4.

An OSU win at home over Texas A/M and a Missouri win at Nebraska would set up a match-up of a Top-5 vs. what would then be a Top 20 Cowboy team.

The good news is that even though it's a crapshoot to state with any authority that you can pick four winner, I'd bet my bottom dollar that all of the above will happen.

OU fans will be surprised to see that Art Briles has Baylor on the right track and with a solid front four and solid linebackers, their team won't just line up and score at will.

OU fans may also be surprised to see a wide-open-spread-the-field-matchup-based offense that Briles used to jumpstart a putrid Houston program that he inherited into a bowl team last season, have a good deal of success against their defense.

QB Robert Griffin will make some big plays. The true freshman-who'd committed to Art at Houston and followed him to Waco and who graduated a semester early seventh in his high school class in order to participate in spring ball and run track at Baylor-is a world class sprinter with a big arm. Griffin promptly won the Big 12 400 IM hurdles, finished fourth in the NCAA's and participated in the Olympic Trials -will forced the OU defense to think contain, contain, contain. That's not the Sooner style.

OU will win but not by the 24 the experts proclaim. And if they lose the turnover battle and play poorly again with special teams, the game could go into the fourth quarter.

Texas will do its part and win in Boulder. If Cody Hawkins is on his game-a big if at times-the Buffs could make it interesting. But terrific QB Colt         McCoy will lead a determined and somewhat disrespected bunch of Longhorns to a road victory.

Missouri will pick apart a so-so Nebraska defense that is making head coach Bo Pelini look a lot less smart than when he was the DC for Les Miles at LSU and had bigger and faster and meaner and much better defenders. I like Bo and think he will have pretty good success in the years to come. But not in this game to come. Tigers by a lot leaving them unbeaten and beating their chests as an undefeated bunch of Gundys arrive in Stillwater a week from today.

OSU will not only dispatch a woeful bunch of Aggies, they will embarrass them. A/M is hurt at QB, has a lame O-Line-and D-Line for that matter-has no identity, thus giving an unproven OSU defense another week to get reps before Missouri. Defensively, A/M is no better. Pokes win these types of home games big. 55,000 in the stands will be the headline story in the Sunday rags.

Fairways and greens for these four teams will set up the biggest double-header of the year for the state teams.