I’m going to Eldorado

Thursday, October 16th 2008, 5:14 pm
By: News 9

By Christian Price, News9.com INsite Team

Roy and Gloria Solis contacted Oklahoma Paranormal Research and Investigations about what they had started to experience in their newly purchased home.

According to the couple, they have heard growling and scratching noises, and even saw things like a little girl's apparition.

The couple even noticed that their own dispositions have changed. They both seem to be more irritable lately. They also have been arguing with each other, which is something they have never done before. The last incident that occurred prompted the couple to seek out O.K.P.R.I. for answers.

One morning, the couple awoke having marks left on Gloria's face and an ooze in Roy's hair. When Roy tried to wipe the ooze off, his hair where the ooze was fell out, leaving a bald spot. The markings on Gloria's face resemble some sort of archaic name of a demon.

O.K.P.R.I. traveled to Eldorado to see what they themselves would experience in the house. They quickly learned it was not a typical investigation.

They had multiple personal experiences. Many of the team members heard voices. For one team member, she feels as if she was almost possessed.

After checking on fellow team member, Christy Selfridge, Lisa Parish turned to walk back to where she was sitting. After taking just a couple of steps, Parish blacked out.

Her body became ridged and she began to make pig-like noises. At one point in the team's video, it almost sounds as if something dark and evil is laughing.

Eventually, Lisa's body loosened up and she slowly came out of whatever state she was in. She doesn't remember anything of the event except that all of a sudden everything went black. The event itself lasted for about 5 minutes, but for everyone who was there to experience it first hand, it lasted an eternity.

Because of this incident, several team members expressed their desire to not ever come back to the house. The team has suggested to Roy and Gloria to contact someone of clergy in their religious belief and have them come in and bless the house and the ground it stands on. Unfortunately, because of scheduling conflicts, I wasn't able to go out with the team on this investigation.

So, I've decided that because of what happened, I'm going to go to Eldorado by myself. I have already spoken with the Solis' and they have granted me permission to come down and stay in the house as long as I want. They, however, will leave as soon as they hand off the house key to me. They also told me that they have yet to get their priest to the house to bless it.

I plan on sitting in the house for awhile not doing anything except listening and watching. I also plan on leaving my camera rolling inside the house by itself while I wait outside. I will do some EVP work to see if I pick up anything there.

I'm not nervous going into this adventure. For some reason, I feel like nothing is going to happen. I think of myself as the opposite of a ghost magnet. As soon as they see me coming, they all leave. I think I'll just have a lot of video of an empty house.