Winter Makes Official Oklahoma Entrance

Tuesday, December 9th 2008, 11:21 pm
By: News 9

By Rusty Surette, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- We've known for some time that a winter blast was on its way. But slick roads still caught a lot of drivers off guard Tuesday.

"We had a two-vehicle accident, head-on collision here near NE 6th and Sooner Road in Del City," Major Brandon Pursell with Del City Fire Department said.

One crash was caused by the conditions on a slick bridge.

Not far away, a Midwest City police officer and a truck collided on an icy road and fender benders kept emergency crews busy during the afternoon rush-hour.

The icy blast took many by surprise. To help out, city workers spent hours spreading salt on the slick spots.

"We'll maintain those same crews," Oklahoma City Streets Superintendent Mike DeGiacomo said. "They'll stay out and we have another set of crews coming in at midnight."

Despite the bumps and bruises that can come along with it, the winter weather is a welcome sight for some.

"We are so excited about the snow," Rafed Azuz, visitor to Oklahoma, said. "We haven''t see the snow in like two years; we work in Louisiana."

The snow may have been good news for him, but not so good for others.

"Well, considering it was 75 [degrees] yesterday and its 28 [degrees] right now, it's like a blizzard," Edmond resident Chase Mashburn said. "I feel like an Eskimo walking down the streets."

The more that fell, the more miserable some were.

It's important to remember a number of bridges and ramps in the metro are slick and icy so if you're out and about -- even in the morning -- buckle up and leave early to avoid rushing.