The Skinny on Sam Bradford and the Heisman

Thursday, December 11th 2008, 5:41 pm
By: News 9

OU Sports Information Director is one of the best in the business. His role in the Heisman chase for Sam Bradford is consistent with his way of handling many matters that cross his desk: Dragnet: Just the Facts.

We'll see how that approach works with Bradford who seems to be neck and neck at this point with the only two others invited to New York-where I am plane-bound for right now. But we know how it worked as this three-way tie-breaker (it was three-way wasn't it?) brouhaha between OU and Texas captivated the American sporting public. It was part of a successful "campaign." OU edged a much more politically-inclined Texas approach and is now in the National Championship game.

For the record, if I was Texas I would be filled with righteous indignation and while I would not be as aggressive politically I would scream to the high heavens that head-to-head should have been the deciding factor. But I would also realize that my school signed on to a specific set of rules that ultimately places the highest ranked BCS team in the conference title game.
Anyway, back to the point. Kenny joined Pat Jones and me on a radio show earlier in the week. I've paraphrased what he said.

We've had some of our students do extensive research and have come to the conclusion that sending voters trinkets and gadgets doesn't really work. And they don't want loads of information.

I believe it's best to appeal to intellectual side of voters. They are not as dumb and naïve in general as most people think. I believe they know that we appreciate that and try to keep it as clean and concise as possible.

Some schools begin a Heisman push in the summer...or before the season, and that's their prerogative. Chase Daniel (Missouri QB) is a perfect example. We don't think that's the best way to do it, especially Bob (Stoops). So we wait a little later until things develop on their own. We don't want to hassle the voter, the player or take too much of his time. We don't have all the answers. That's just our approach.

Sam's personality does not fit the promotion part of the Heisman. He doesn't have a lot of interest in promotion. He'd rather spend time studying film. He's truly one of the most humble people I've ever been around. People may find this hard to believe, but he's very shy.

We don't want to force anything on him. For example, the late-night shows and ESPN wanted Bob to "sell your side of the argument" on the BCS controversy. Bob, Joe (Castiglione-AD) AND I all felt that it was not the best approach. After a little bit of it he decided he was not comfortable with that and to sit back and watch the other guys do it. Sort of, it is what it is. Apparently, it worked, or at least didn't hurt when it was finally settled.

After a little bit of the debate, Bob decided he was not comfortable with that and to sit back and watch the other guys do it. Sort of, it is what it is. Apparently, it worked, or at least didn't hurt when it was finally settled.

Of course that's Bob's call. Bob is about no-nonsense and that's the approach he wanted to take. And around here we all admire him for sticking with his convictions...his principles.

What you see is what you get with Sam. It's not contrived by Sam it's like he is. It's like a political campaign. It's about regions. I suspect we need to win the west and as much of the Midwest as possible. But Sam and Colt McCoy will split there-it will be interesting to see the so-called sympathy vote and how that turns out in a lot of areas, including Texas.

Sympathy vote? Yes, a respected local writer told me he talked with a media guy not from around here and he admitted that since he felt Texas got a raw deal that he was voting for Colt. So that's part of the deal.

We did not do a lot of media with Jason (White...2004 winner). The school does not have to say yes.

Will Sam win? I did think Jason would win....I do think it will be one of the closest in history. It will hurt with a Texas kid and actually two kids (McCoy and Harrell).

All three of these kids (Tim Tebow from Florida being the third) are great kids. But I'm tellin' ya...they don't come any better than Sam.