Talking Heisman in Manhattan

Friday, December 12th 2008, 5:02 pm
By: News 9

Crazy in Manhattan where the Heisman will be handed down tomorrow night. There are so many things Heisman-related and so many former OU coaches and players around to interview that it's frustrating that it all can't get done.

Anyway, we learned a couple of things and determined a couple of things today.

One, Sam Bradford's mom Martha just told me the reason Sam has long hair is that he is superstitious. If you'll notice his pictures from early in the season have him with very short hair. Now it is shaggy and almost unkempt. She says he's always been that way and just won't get it cut until after the season.

Two, Sam's father Kent told the truth about the past and present when we quizzed him a few minutes ago for a piece we'll have on the web and perhaps newscasts coming up. He and I played together and did not spend too many nights at the library when there was fun to be had-although Kent was a very good student. I asked him if his son got in less trouble in his whole life than Kent and I did in one weekend back in the day. He said, "No way...not even close." They are extremely proud of their only son and did a fabulous job raising him.

Third, we got to spend a few minutes one on one with Florida's Tim Tebow and UT's Colt McCoy. It's a shame only one of these guys can win. I've never seen a trio of QBs carry themselves off the field any better. Of course, their exploits on the field aren't bad either. Colt told me he and Sam have talked a lot but none about the brouhaha with the BCS. Tebow told me he has great admiration for Sam...that if he wins the Heisman he will definitely cut back on his public appearances before the bowl....and that he's already looked at OU's defense on tape. I asked him if he was still looking forward to playing one of those Big 12 South defenses and he just smiled and said, "I was misquoted when I talked about Big 12 defenses...Bob Stoops is a great coach and they have great players."

Most importantly, I have a fact much more than a hunch...that Sam Bradford will win the Heisman tomorrow night. .......Better get back on the streets and meet deadlines and all the stuff we need to do for you viewers and browsers back home.