Girl Scout Troop Bound for Presidential Inauguration

Tuesday, January 6th 2009, 10:59 pm
By: News 9

By Colleen Chen, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Many Oklahomans are gearing up to make a special trip. Barack Obama's inauguration is rapidly approaching.

Local girl scouts organized a grassroots effort to go to Washington, but they've hit a bump in the road.

They've done everything to make it to the inauguration. They have been planning to ride buses instead of buying expensive plane tickets, planned to book hotel rooms far outside of D.C. and raised a large amount of money for being so young.

But now they're hoping their effort will get them some help.

It was a moment watched around the world, and it soaked in to the young girls of Troop 17.

The excitement in the girls only magnified the thrill for their leader Christina Kirk who thought to herself how amazing it would be to take all of them to Barack Obama's inauguration. Ten-year-old Aniyah Thurston stepped into action.

"We've been working really hard," Thurston said.

Together, the girls have collected close to $42,000 for their trip, but that's still $3,500 short.

The $3,500 shortage could mean this year's cookie money will have to go to paying off debt and that would leave zero dollars for activities the rest of the year.

"I really don't want to teach them a lesson on debt like this," Kirk said. "The girls worked really hard on this trip."

The main concern for the girls, however, is that without the money five of the 32 in the troop won't get to attend.

So, while she'll be living the dream in D.C. she's hoping another will come true too.

As excited as they are, the timing is a little off. The girl scouts leave on January 15, so they'll miss the kickoff of their biggest fundraiser-- Girl Scout cookie sales.

If you would like to help, you can donate to the troop by contacting:

Christina R. Kirk
Troop Leader
5909 NW Expressway, Ste. 207
OKC, OK 73132