Dean Shares a Health Update

Saturday, February 21st 2009, 9:19 pm
By: News 9

By Dean Blevins, NEWS 9

Many people have inquired of my family and friends about my condition following the incident I was involved in recently. So I think it is appropriate to provide a general update on my status.

I suffered a head injury on January 26 when I slipped off my porch-the ice day and Bedlam bball game in Stillwater-and hit the back of my head on the corner of the porch-to driveway step.

Without going into detail, it is safe to say that the injury was serious enough that I was kept in ICU three days and to keep me from returning to work as of this date. I hope to return to work on some basis in the near future. However, the exact date is not certain as I continue therapy and exactly when I return is not in my hands.

The doctors assure me that there is no serious threat to my health and that in time things will return to normal This is simply another example of another thing that is in God's hands and not mine. The entire process has been sobering and yet inspirational in many ways.

The most important lesson learned is that I feel lucky to be where I am at this time and that there are millions upon millions of other people struggling with issues much worse than mine.

There are many people to thank and many details I will be freer to discuss in the future. For now, this is about all that is appropriate to say.

I want to thank the incredible work of my team of doctors and thank so many of you for the prayers and kindness shown to me during these challenging times.