It’s That Time Again…

Tuesday, March 10th 2009, 7:53 pm
By: News 9

By Christian Price, INsite Team

I'm finally allowed to hunt again.

At the end of last year, my little corner of the world, the Ghost Writer Web page, became crazy.

I had the El Dorado case, which gained a lot of attention. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I haven't had time to check back with the family. I was contacted by many, many people who wanted to offer up their help to the Solis's, and I really appreciated it. It just goes to show you how there are many people out there who truly want to help out their neighbor.

 At that point in time, I was concentrating on holiday related stories, which I did. Then there was a little college football game down in Florida, and from there, it just snowballed.  One paranormal thing did happen though.

Many more paranormal teams have come forward and have agreed to let me tag along on some of their investigations.  I think a lot of teams have seen my stories on this page and realize I'm not the typical reporter.

 I'm not someone judging a team as to whether they're fake or not. I like to do my own investigations alongside my host team. Every team, including myself, has their own progression of steps they do during an investigation. No two ways are exactly the same, but every technique used properly, seems to produce results.

This year I hope to add more evidence to my investigations. I plan on taking more digital picks and including them, along with some excerpts of my EVP sessions, within each story. Hopefully the public will join in and help me review.

I also hope to do more investigations by myself. I think doing an investigation by yourself cuts down on the contributing factors to video and audio contamination.

I would also like to see more people willing to share their stories. I know that they may face a lot of ridicule and criticism, but they could help others out.  People may realize that they're not alone with what they're experiencing.

When it comes to skeptics and non-believers, I've haven't figured out one thing.

If what is reported and discussed about on this page isn't real and they don't believe in it, then why are they on this page surfing and watching my stories?

Let's go hunting!