Phony Finders? My Thoughts on "Petfinders Alert"

Monday, March 16th 2009, 7:23 pm
By: News 9

When Carol and Gary Monholland first called me about "Petfinders Alert", I was hopeful the company would do what they were paid for.
The company's deal is that they will call your neighbors in a certain block area and alert them that your pet is missing.  I thought it would be a great story to let pet owners know what extra step they could take to find their pet.  But our experience has been anything but worth it. 

Acting on behalf of the Carol, we called the company a week later just to make sure the calls had gone out.  They said that "most" had.  A few days later we went door to door on the same street Gary and Carol live - and 6 other streets around it.  We talked to about 25 homeowners (with landlines, with answering machines) who had never heard from Petfinders Alert!  We then left flyers at every other home (where no one was home) asking them to call us should they get a call from Petfinders Alert.  And it's now been 3 weeks and we have not heard from a one. 

Petfinders Alert also didn't call Carol and Gary back as they had promised.

I really wish Petfinders Alert would have returned my call last week.  I left a message with them on Thursday - identifying myself as a reporter working on this story - and they never called me back.  I tried to call several other times, but no one picked up.  So I wanted to give it 1 more shot today - and this time they answered.  They claim they have made the calls and I asked them to give us the addresses/phone numbers to verify that.  They left us a message back saying they had the addresses but I have called them all afternoon for that list (every 15 minutes!) - and no one answers and no one returns my messages.  It is so frustrating!  If they have proof I want to see it more than anybody!  Since I don't have it in hand though, I'll believe it when I see it! 

If your pet has run away, click here for a great article that has a lot of helpful ideas in it.

And if you've seen "Little Bush" give us a call (hotline:  405-841-9921).
He's a small poodle lost February 14th near sw 58th and Western in Oklahoma City.