Craigslist is Popular - and Scammers Know it!

Wednesday, March 18th 2009, 7:02 pm
By: News 9

2 weeks ago I bought a $200 purse off of Craigslist for 20 bucks - so there are deals to be had!  And let me tell you I was a little concerned because I was buying it from a girl out of state.  What we did (to protect us both) is use paypal.  For her, it ensures she's going to get paid - For me, I get a place to complain to should I not receive the purse.

The big thing is NEVER wire money... whether you're buying something on Craigslist or paying taxes on a large sum of money you "won" (The Nigerian Check Scam).  Scammers will usually always ask you to wire them the money.

If you want to read all the tips for shopping on Craigslist click here.

If you were scammed over the internet, you need to file a complaint through the fbi.  Click here to do that.

And like I mentioned in the piece, the creator of Craigslist "instant messaged" me through Twitter.  I use twitter to give updates about stories I'm working on - and also things I'm working on that have nothing to do with a story (like last night was beautiful in OKC, so I took my 2 furry kids, William & Sonoma, out for a walk)!  To sign up for twitter go to and create an account.  Then choose to "follow" me.  My screen name is "consumergirl".  If you're a little confused on how it works, trust me, you'll catch on - If I figured it out, so can  you!  There's also a "help" section that comes in handy.