Spring is Here

Wednesday, April 1st 2009, 10:06 am
By: News 9

Hey there...

April is here!!! Where does the time fly????

Spring time means time for renewal... I love this time of year!!!

I have been doing some "spring cleaning" around the house. Trying to clear out the clutter. It is amazing what you can find..stored deep in those closets. (lol) I keep asking myself.. "why have I saved all this stuff that doesn't matter?" One thing I do know is it feels so good to have some order..... It has also felt good to give some things away to some friends who I know will use them. I received a blessing from a friend who was thrilled to get a peacock picture that I was no longer using... She had a perfect spot for it in her new apartment. And all those clothes that my son has outgrown... just after wearing a few times.. helped a friend whose boy is a little younger. I have been on the receivng end too.... when I got the call from a friend who had some clothes to pass down to my boy.

We are all looking for ways to save some cash.... so if you are cleaning out for spring.... and come across some things you no longer use... it doesn't take looking to far to find someone in need.. or a friend who can just use a little break. So now you don't have to dread the cleaning up time.... think of it as a way to give and receive.... and the best part of that is it doesn't cost a dime.



PS....Food For thought.... Have you thought about gardening... FYI....As families try to stretch their food dollars during the recession, some are turning to the backyard, rather than the grocery store, as the place to look for produce. Many people are planting recession gardens...About a fifth of the gardeners this year will be new to gardening Most -- 54 percent -- said they will garden because it saves them money on food bills. A slightly larger group say they garden because homegrown food tastes better.

What about the savings???? The survey says planting a $70 investment in a garden will yield $600 in produce for the year.



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