Skiatook Hosts First Job Fair

Saturday, April 4th 2009, 9:54 pm
By: News 9

By Jeffrey Smith, for

SKIATOOK, OK -- The city of Skiatook sponsored a job fair Saturday for the first time in its history.

About two dozen companies showed up at the fair looking to hire. Job seekers say as the year drags on, they need anything, just to get by.

"My husband can't financially support us with all the bills we have," job seeker Candy Jones said. "I have to have some kind of job."

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Jones says it's not one big thing, but all the little things that are starting to add up. She is studying to become a veterinarian's assistant, but school's expensive.

She has a teenage son. She and her husband recently moved into a new house. And two months ago she was laid off after 11 years with the same real estate office.

"I just went in, and they said, 'I'm sorry, we're closing the doors,' and left me high and dry," she said.

Jones came to the first Skiatook Job Fair to find something, anything.

"If I don't find anything in the next month, then yeah, we're going to start having financial troubles," she said.

"In our economy, they need jobs," said Stephanie Upton, executive director of the Skiatook Chamber of Commerce. "And this is their opportunity to come and visit, and see what opportunities are still out there in Tulsa.

But only a handful of people showed up to check out the booths. Those who came did say their situations are getting desperate.

Micahel Mcquay is an IT specialist. He was laid off from Conoco-Phillips during a companywide reduction this year.

"I have sent out some resumes and haven't really heard anything," he said. "There's not a whole lot out there that I've seen."

The clouds are darkening for Jones, too.

"We might make it through half a summer, and then, yeah, we're going to be at the point where we lose a vehicle or maybe even our house," she said.

If you missed the fair but would like to see what jobs are still available, you can fax your resume to Skiatook's Chamber of Commerce, and they'll forward it on.

Send it to (918) 396-3577

C/O Executive Director Stephanie Upton