Feeding Your Family for $50 a Week

Thursday, April 16th 2009, 8:50 am
By: News 9

Hey there...Hope you are having a great week...

Feeding your family is no no easy feat these days. The average American family of four spends $102 dollars each week on groceries alone. I don't know if you are like me... I went to the grocery store the other day....spent a little more than 200 dollars... and when I got home to fix dinner that night.. my husband asked... "what did you get for your money?" It seemed like I had not that much to show for it.

Help is on the way... This Saturday Norman Regional Health System will be helping Oklahomans lower their grocery bills and still get the needed nutrients for a healthy lifestyle.

The Healthy Eating on a Budget Event will begin at 2 p-m this Saturday at the Homeland Grocery store located at 1251 Alameda Street in Norman. It's free and open to anyone. You DO need to register for the event. You can do that by calling HealthLink at (405) 440-8802. You will find out how to feed a family a four ..for a week.. for $50.

That's the Power for your Pocketbook.....