Norman Burglaries Raise Concern

Saturday, April 18th 2009, 11:41 pm
By: News 9

By Jacqueline Sit, NEWS 9

NORMAN, Oklahoma -- Burglaries are becoming a problem in Norman as thieves are feeling the spring fever.

These crooks are after everything from laptop computers and golf clubs to wallets and just Friday night, there were 10 reported cases of car burglaries.

The sunny, warm weather calls for more time being out and about but also spells an open opportunity for thieves.

"Almost all of those cases the victims have left items of value out in the open; their wallets, their credit cards, their checkbooks," Norman Police Department Capt. Michael Praizner said.

Just in the last few weeks car burglaries have started to rise in several Norman neighborhoods and these crooks are taking off with plenty of valuables.

"In these economic times, it's more likely that people start picking up stuff that isn't theirs; we feel it's a pretty good community here, people look after each other, but you never know, it's easy to pick something up and take off," Norman resident Ole Andre Assen said.

One Norman man's car wasn't burglarized but his furniture was stolen right outside his home. It's a crime one woman's family also faced first-hand.

"Several years ago, we did have some vandalism of two cars that were in the driveway, the stereos were taken out and the windows were broken," Resident Vicki Worster said.

Residents are concerned and some are being vigilant to protect their property.

"Remember, thieves are typically lazy and don't want to be caught," Praizner said. "Whatever you can do to make it more difficult to take your property and to increase the possibility of them getting caught, the less likely you'll become a victim."

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