Heat Caused Rapid Snow Melt-Rivers Rise

Wednesday, April 22nd 2009, 12:13 pm
By: News 9

The danger on rivers and creeks in Colorado is on the rise after a powerful 
snow storm dumped heavy snow on the eastern half of the state last weekend.   
Very warm weather is over the area now, causing that snow to melt off very 

Rescue officials say the South Platte River, which runs through Denver, 
Colorado, is very high, very cold, and moving quickly.  Authorities say the 
runoff is only going to get worse as the warm temperatures also hit the snow 
pack in the mountains, sending more water into creeks and rivers.

Swift water rescue teams say the warm temperatures showed up quickly and the 
rapid increase of the amount of very cold water in the rivers comes as people 
will be looking to splash around to cool off.

One young boy was nearly swept away on Monday (4-20-09), but thanks to some 
quick-thinking neighbors, the boy was rescued and is okay.

Firefighters say if you are going to be in the water, make sure you're wearing
 a life vest.