Keep Your Children Safe Online

Friday, April 24th 2009, 9:58 am
By: News 9

Hey there..

The computer in our home sits on our kitchen table... and it seems like at least once during the day.. it's like musical chairs to see who is going to land first in the chair in front of it...and have control of the mouse for the moment.  Our son just turned 9... and the rule in our home is he can only use the computer if an adult is there too... (i remind him of the rules too if he is heading over to a friends house too) (lol) (always the mom) :)  To keep your kids safe... check out the website below....
What got my attention... from this site was about keeping our kids safe on the net.... when it asked this question and I read the following....

"...Would you drop your child off in a neighborhood where more than half of the building were adult stores and it was full of predators?  Well of course you wouldn't.  But if you let your child explore the internet unsupervised this is close to what you are doing.  You need to know that 60% of all sites on the internet are pornographic. Your Child is always 2 clicks away from pronography at any time.. even completely accidentally.

That is sobering to me.....Check it out... if we keep our homes safe...  our families safe... and that means our children are safe.... and to me that is priceless. ... and that is the power for your pocketbook...

Here is the link to read more of the article I told you about