Top 20 Learning Applications on Facebook

Wednesday, May 6th 2009, 2:16 pm
By: News 9

Online Education Ideas from Amy James:

  1. Mathematical Formulas: You can find and share mathematical formulas and solutions with this application.
  2. HeyMath!: Watch the mini-movies in the HeyMath! app to learn difficult math concepts.
  3. Flashcards: This application will help you create flashcards for studying on Facebook.
  4. Capitals of the USA: This game will help you find out how well you know the US Capitals.
  5. Mind Games: Play Sudoku, Bejeweled and Concentration with this app.
  6. Wordscraper: Play Wordscraper to boost your word skills. 
  7. Bubble Words: Play Bubble Words, and you'll score points for quickly forming words.
  8. Geo Challenge: Put your geography knowledge to the test with Geo Challenge.
  9. Learn Spanish: Get new conversational phrases in Spanish from this app.
  10. Learn German: This app offers a German Sentence of the Day and more.
  11. JapanesePod101: Make use of this app to learn Japanese. 
  12. Language Exchange: Find language partners to study with through this application. 
  13. Learn Russian Verbs: This app offers a new Russion verb to study every day.
  14. Advanced Swedish Word of the Day: Get a new Swedish word every day from this Facebook app.
  15. Learn a Spanish Word a Day: Improve your Spanish vocabulary with this daily word resource.
  16. Learn French: Get French sentences, flash cards, and more from this Facebook app.
  17. SpanishPod: This podcast on Facebook will help you learn Spanish. 
  18. Study Groups: Study Groups makes collaborating on group projects a snap.
  19. WorldCat: The WorldCat app will help you perform research and search your library's collection from within Facebook.
  20. College Planner: Research colleges on Facebook with this app from Embark.