Peggy's Bridal Update: A No-Show.. Again!

Tuesday, June 16th 2009, 7:14 pm
By: News 9

Here we go again!  The owner of Peggy's Bridal, Orban Vannostran, was a no show to his bankruptcy hearing.. again.  He was scheduled for it last month.  When he didn't show he offered the excuse that he had written down the wrong date, so it was rescheduled for today.  So why would someone not show up for their own hearing (since it's something that YOU file)?  Who knows, but the one thing that it's been doing is buying him time.  When you file for bankruptcy, civil cases against you are put on hold until the bankruptcy case is complete. 

What happens now to the bankruptcy?
The bankruptcy trustee is now going to file a motion to dismiss the case.  It will go before a judge tomorrow (who will likely throw it out).  But then it won't be official for 23 days.  In that time, Vannostran can appeal the motion. 

What happens now for consumers owed money?
You can now hire an attorney and sue him in civil court.  Will he show up?  If you get a default judgment, will you get any money out of him?  I wish I had the answers! 

What happens now to Vannostran?
We'll have to wait and see on this one.  An assistant attorney general was present at today's hearing.  She said they have 26 complaints on file so far, and while an investigation has not started, it may start very soon.  They want anyone else who's had problems to file a complaint online or call their office.  Click here for their website or call:  (405)521-2029

If they investigate and find wrongdoing, the A.G. can do 1 of 2 things.  They can file a civil case on behalf of all consumers in Oklahoma to try to get their money back, and/or they can file criminal charges.

We also talked to the property manager today.  And he says a bank currently has a lien on all the merchandise that was left in the store (meaning the bank is owed money and they're keeping the dresses for now).  However, he says only about 5 dresses have names of brides on them.  And if you think you're one of the 5 brides, there may be good news.  Come August 1st, a new bridal shop will open up there.  The new owner has NOTHING to do with Peggy's and we're told he runs a reputable bridal shop in Tulsa.  He's working on getting his new store up and running (in the same location as Peggy's).  And we're told he's working with brides.  If you have a receipt from peggy's showing that you paid for a dress, and he can find that dress in teh store, he will give the dress to you.

We'll stay on top of this story and as soon as we learn anything more regarding the attorney general's office and a possible investigation, we'll let you know.