Duck Rillettes Canape

Friday, June 19th 2009, 10:12 pm
By: News 9

For Rillettes:
5 duck legs, cooked
4 tbl parsley, minced
4 tbl sage, minced
4 tbl rosemary, minced
4 tbl thyme, leaves
As needed stock, glace, or broth (duck or chicken)
To taste cayenne pepper
To taste fresh ground black pepper

For Compote
8 tbsp (4 fl oz) chambord
8 tbsp (4 fl oz) water
½ cup sugar
24 oz blackberries

For Garnish:
30 ea baguette slices, toasted
As needed pine nuts, minced and toasted
As needed chevrie
As needed micro greens or chopped herbs

For Rillettes
1) Pull the duck meat from the bones. Make sure to discard anything with an undesirable texture.
2) Combine meat, herbs, cayenne, and pepper in a mixer with a paddle attachment. Mix slowly until meat breaks apart and all components are combined. Continue to mix and add the stock until the product is spreadable but not runny or dry.
3) Cover and refrigerate until needed.

For Compote
1) Combine Chambord, water, sugar, and blackberries in a nonreactive sauce pan and simmer until berries begin the break apart.
2) Strain through a fine mesh. Use a small ladle to push some of the berry flesh through the strainer and discard the seeds.

For Assembly
1) Place micro greens on the baguette slices.
2) Make small balls or domes from the Rillettes.
3) Gently press the balls onto the baguette slices partly covering the micro greens.
4) Run a line of compote over the Rillettes.
5) Place Chevrie on the micro greens next to the Rillettes (make sure that the you can see the greens poking out from under everything)
6) Top with pine nut and serve immediately.