Draft Analysis: Jrue Holiday

Monday, June 22nd 2009, 1:47 am
By: News 9

NEWS 9 Sports Staff

When a high school player wins a national player of the year award, it isn't often that he pulls a disappearing act and doesn't play to his full potential on the college scene. But NBA scouts haven't let that faze them.

Jrue Holiday's numbers are less-than-spectacular, especially considering his revered status entering UCLA. However, his 6-4, 200-pound frame and flashes of brilliance are apparently worth the risk.

Holiday is almost assured to go in the top 10 of Thursday's draft, possibly even as high as No. 4 overall. Whichever team selects Holiday will have to be patient and realize he is not going to be the immediate answer at the point guard position.

Holiday's size and athleticism will allow him to be tossed into the fire and show what he has, but he will have to gain composure, consistency and experience to become an effective point guard in the NBA. But that future player will be worth the growing pains.