Former Oklahoma M.E. Chief Investigator Indicted on Sexual Battery Counts

Thursday, July 23rd 2009, 11:06 am
By: News 9

By Dan Bewley, for NEWS 9

TULSA, Oklahoma -- A former medical examiner investigator in Tulsa is accused of fondling and speaking in a sexual manner to two female co-workers. The indictments against Kevin Rowland were unsealed on Thursday morning in Tulsa County District Court.

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The five page indictment claims Kevin Rowland made several sexual advances to his female co-workers between 2006 and 2008. But, his attorney says the allegations are all lies.

Kevin Rowland worked at the Medical Examiner's Office for more than two decades. For the last three months, he's been the subject of a multi-county grand jury investigation.

"The grand jury heard from numerous witnesses who corroborated the fact that there is conduct carried out by Mr. Rowland that was abusive, oppressive, and rose to the level of criminal conduct in that he touched many people inappropriately for sexual pleasure," said Assistant Attorney General Joel-Lyn McCormick.

The grand jury's indictment claims the former chief investigator made a number of unwanted sexual advances to two female co-workers. Among the allegations, that Rowland "intentionally touched and felt the body and/or private parts, asked one woman what color of underwear do you have on, and grabbed another woman's buttocks."

Earlier this week, Rowland's attorney said that the allegations weren't that big of a deal.

"Have we all just become a bunch of little babies? So what? What office doesn't play around and joke around? Whether he did it or not, who cares?" said Rowland's attorney Scott Adams.

After the indictments were unsealed, Scott Adams said the women are lying and the indictments are part of a political hack job.

"It's total retaliation. He's a whistleblower. He's been complaining about this Tulsa office for years and years and this is what he gets paid back for for 23 years of service to the State of Oklahoma. It's disgusting and he will be acquitted," said Rowland's attorney Scott Adams.

The Oklahoma Attorney General's Office doesn't see it that way and said the grand jury didn't either.

"The fact that Mr. Rowland may or may not have raised complaints or concerns regarding the Tulsa office certainly have nothing to do with the grand jury's finding that he committed the crime of sexual battery," said Assistant Attorney General Joel-Lyn McCormick.

Another set of indictments is expected to be unsealed on Friday in Oklahoma City concerning allegations in that office.

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