My 2 Cents: Politics and Dirty Campaigning

Monday, October 4th 2010, 10:49 pm
By: News 9

By Kelly Ogle, NEWS 9

I wonder how many promising political futures are being destroyed at this very moment? Imagine the guts it will take to run for office in 5 or 10 years.

I got to thinking about that while scanning today's political headlines. I can't recall a single solution to our country's problems among the headlines, just nastiness.

He lied about serving in Vietnam...she's peddling smut.

He's a Marxist...she's a witch.

She wrote this...we have pictures of him doing this.

Across the country the mid-term election battle for control of the government has brought out the worst in and about most candidates. Destroying someone's reputation, even falsely, is justifiable to defeat the other side's America destroying ideology.

And then I thought about our teenagers, our young adults, and the ammunition on Facebook, and Twitter, and blogs, and Vlogs, and YouTube and all the other places they like to spill their anti-establishment ramblings and carefree teen tripe.

And it struck me, if you think this campaign season is dirty, just wait until the Twit-Face-Tube generation decides it's their turn to run the country.

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