Oklahoma Airman Blogs About Missing Home First Week in Afghanistan

Thursday, October 14th 2010, 1:46 pm
By: News 9

By Heather Bennett, News 9 Contributor
Oklahoma Airman Serving In Afghanistan

OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma Airman is sharing her wartime experiences through a blog while she serves in Afghanistan.

Entry # 1:

We landed here at Bagram a week ago. As I got off the plane, I saw nothing. It was pitch black past the flight line. They told us to hurry up and get to cover because we were standing in the wide open. 'Oh, great, what did I get myself into?' I thought. 

We are living in a temporary tent with 20 other females. The biggest difficultly with that is the fact that we all work different shifts, and everyone is in and out every hour of the day, so the sleep is broken up. There is also no room for anything. Bags are piles high and hard to get to. My favorite thing is the mice that get in the tent. Some people have had their stuff chewed thru. 

The food here is pretty good. It's all chow hall food, some better than others, but it will work for now. 

My biggest struggle is communication home. Phone cards get pricey and the Internet doesn't always work. My friends and family are what is going to help me thru this deployment. I miss everything about home. I'll try and play it that being here is no big deal and make sure everyone else is happy, but in all I just miss home. 

Tomorrow I might get a day off, but that will be spent moving into some huts down the road so I look forward to maybe getting a day off. 


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