My 2 Cents: Really...Oklahoma City Ranked in Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities?

Thursday, October 14th 2010, 10:51 pm
By: News 9

By Kelly Ogle, News 9

As you know I occasionally comment on national studies that highlight Oklahoma City for some special quality. So I guess it's only right that I share one that casts our fair community in a bad light, no matter how absurd I might think it is.

Forbes listed the 10 most dangerous cities over 250,000 people, and are you ready for this…Oklahoma City is number nine. It could be worse, Tulsa is number six for crying out loud just behind Detroit and Miami!

They came to their rankings by combining the FBI's violent crime stats with the number of traffic deaths per 100-thousand residents.

Memphis was most dangerous by those criteria, then St. Louis, Kansas City, Detroit, Miami, Tulsa, Nashville at seven, then Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, with Stockton, California and Atlanta tied at 10.

Are you telling me Oklahoma City's more dangerous that New York City, L.A., Houston, New Orleans, D.C.?

Think of all the movies and novels based on the mean streets of Oklahoma City. We live in the ninth most dangerous city, and that was before the earthquake...Oh my!

Sleep well tonight, IF YOU CAN.

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