EMSA Worker Assaulted by 'Demon-Possessed' Man

Monday, October 25th 2010, 1:31 pm
By: News 9


OKLAHOMA CITY -- A man arrested last Friday night for assaulting an EMSA worker claimed he was possessed by demons.

Oklahoma City police responded to a call on October 22 regarding an out-of-control male.  When they arrived to the residence, the suspect was screaming loudly and convulsing on the floor.

OCPD contacted EMSA to transport the man to a hospital, and handcuffed the man while they waited on the ambulance. The man kept screaming that he was possessed by demons. 

When the ambulance arrived, the EMSA workers and police efforted getting the man on a gurney to load him into the ambulance, but had to remove the handcuffs to do so.

While one of the man's hands was handcuffed to the gurney, he used the other to grab one of the EMSA workers' wrists and twist it. He let go, moved his grip higher, and continued twisting until another paramedic was able to break his grip.

The man was finally sedated and transported to St. Anthony Hospital where he was later medically cleared.

After being cleared, he was informed that he was being arrested for assaulting and EMSA worker. According to police reports, the man calmly replied "I'm possessed by demons, can't you see that?"

The man was arrested on complaints of assault and battery.