Commissioner's Race Ends In A Tie

Wednesday, November 3rd 2010, 12:26 pm
By: News 9

LAWTON -- Seven thousand seven hundred eighty-two votes were cast in Comanche County's District 1 Commissioner's race Tuesday -- and it ended in a tie.

Democrat Gail Turner and Republican challenger John Bordelon each received 3,891 votes in Tuesday's election.

County election officials were in disbelief.

"I never would have imagined this happening. It's unheard of with that amount of votes to end up in a tie," said election secretary, Monica Baughman.

Baughman said she remembered three other races that have ended in a tie, but those were school board races with far fewer votes cast.

Candidates have until Friday at 5 p.m. to file paperwork for a recount and pay the required $600 fee.

Otherwise, election officials will draw a name, and that person will be elected.

Turner, the incumbent, had picked up the necessary paperwork Wednesday morning.

Baughman said she was confident the county's voting system was accurate, but she's prepared to prove it, if necessary.

"Just as much work after an election as getting ready for an election, to handle possibly having a recount just adds to our workload," Baughman said.