Mark Penn Responds To Controversy Surrounding OKC Bombing Comments

Monday, November 8th 2010, 5:58 pm
By: News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Democratic strategist Mark Penn responded to controversy surrounding comments he made concerning the Oklahoma City bombing on MSNBC's Hardball Saturday night.

During an appearance on the show, Penn discussed ways to improve the plummeting approval ratings for President Obama and mentioned when President Clinton's approval ratings went up.

"President Clinton reconnected through Oklahoma. Right? And the president right now..." said Mark Penn during the interview.

"Because of the bombing down there," Chris Matthews interjected.

"He seems removed. And it wasn't until that speech that he reclicked with the American public. Obama needs a similar kind of event," Penn said.

Penn's comments shocked many Oklahomans, including Oklahoma City National Memorial Executive Director Kari Watkins. Watkins said she thought Penn's comments were "really irresponsible."

Penn responded to the controversy Monday saying his words were taken out of context.

"A reference I made during a recent television interview has been misinterpreted by some and taken completely out of context. What happened in Oklahoma City in April of 1995 was a horrific tragedy and a heinous crime against innocent Americans. No one in a million years would ever want such a tragedy to happen again, especially not me," Penn stated.