Documents Describe Attacks On Girls By Accused Serial Predator

Monday, November 15th 2010, 5:24 pm
By: News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Court documents described what 52-year-old David Brian Morgan is accused of doing to three young girls who were kidnapped and sexually assaulted.

The probable cause affidavit showed each attack grew progressively worse.

Police said Morgan kidnapped his first victim on April 16 near N.W. 13th Street and North Ellison Avenue. The 12-year-old victim told officers Morgan put a knife to her stomach and made her get into his car. She said he pulled a blanket from his trunk and made her lie on it. Investigators said Morgan took off his pants, climbed on top of the girl and "moved back and forth." He then released the victim.

The next abduction occurred Sept. 29 near a car wash at S.W. 59th & Blackwelder. An 11-year-old girl said Morgan threatened her with a gun and put a shirt over her head, which made her feel sleepy. The girl said Morgan touched her breast and private parts, then released her near her school.

Police said Morgan's next attack came on Oct. 28. A 13-year-old girl told officers Morgan pulled a gun on her near N.W. 27th Street and Pioneer Lane and forced her into his car. She said he drove around for a while before parking his car and forcing her to perform oral sex on him.

Police used each victim's description to create sketches of the suspect in each attack. All of them described him similarly. The suspect was white, over six feet tall with a medium build. The girls also noticed a scar on the attacker's left cheek they said was raised and prominent, and either red or purple in color.

The second victim's description of what the attacker was wearing helped them locate Morgan. She told officers she noticed the man who assaulted her was wearing a shirt with a yellow car coming out of a tunnel. It also had wording around the label. The victim said she thought the shirt was from a car wash.

That logo description led police to the "Splash N Go" car wash near N.W. 39th Street and South Council Road. Police located Morgan, who matched the girls' description, and asked him to come to police headquarters. After officers interviewed Morgan, they arrested him on complaints of kidnapping, lewd acts with a child and forcible sodomy.

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