No-Fail Turkey

Monday, November 22nd 2010, 3:01 pm
By: News 9


1 frozen or fresh turkey (size is up to you and your group)

¼ cup olive oil

4 tablespoon kosher salt

3 tablespoon freshly cracked pepper

2 tablespoon rosemary (fresh or dried)

1 teaspoon thyme (fresh or dried)

1 orange

1 apple

3 stalks celery

2 onions

2 lemons

Fresh herbs (rosemary and thyme)

1 clove garlic

Metal roasting pan

Heavy duty foil

  • Preheat oven to 325 degrees
  • Rinse your thawed turkey inside and out. Remove neck and giblets.
  • In a small bowl, combine salt, pepper, rosemary, and thyme.
  • Place dried turkey on a baking sheet. Rub turkey with olive oil from top to bottom and in all of the nooks and crannies. Also, rub oil on breast directly under the skin. Massage turkey with spice rub. Don't forget to add inside of cavity and under the skin of the breast.
  • Stuff cavity with celery, apple, garlic clove, onion and lemon. Also make sure to place aromatics in the back area also. Place into roasting pan. Cover completely with heavy duty foil. Seal well. Place into oven. DO NOT PEEK!!! NO BASTING!!!
  • Once an internal temperature of 165 degrees is reached, remove foil and broil till skin is browned. Remove and allow to rest COVERED at least 25 minutes before cutting!

Fresh Young Turkey*(10-16 pounds)
(325°F) 3-4 hrs.
15-20 min./lb.

Fresh Young Turkey*(16-24 pounds)
(325°F) 4-5 hrs.
12-15 min./lb.