My 2 Cents: Oklahoma City One Of Santa's Favorites?

Wednesday, December 15th 2010, 11:12 pm
By: News 9

Kelly Ogle, News 9

Okay, I'll admit I've brought you some kind of "out there" surveys I've come across that put Oklahoma City in a particularly positive or sometimes negative light. But tonight, I hold the definitive survey, the debate-ending findings on Oklahoma City's place among America's great cities.

Santa's Top 10 Favorite Cities!

This is the one that vaults us over the also-rans like Chicago and New York. Zillow Real Estate Research experts have used very specific criteria to determine the best cities for Santa on Christmas Eve.

They looked at homes with chimneys; the percentage of one-story homes meaning less dangerous rooftops; weather -- snow and clear skies preferred. Also the number of homes with children, dense population, and larger lot sizes providing more room for Santa's reindeer and sleigh.

Here's the list:

Number 10, Denver.

Nine, Albuquerque

Eight, Phoenix. Huh?

Seven, Minneapolis.

Six, El Paso. Really?

Five, drum roll please -- Oklahoma City.

Then Dallas, Los Angeles, Wichita and Colorado Springs. As if those matter.

So there we are. The 5th best city for Santa. I wonder if the blizzard last Christmas Eve counted against us or for us?

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