My 2 Cents: A Bitter Cold Historic Inauguration

Tuesday, January 11th 2011, 12:25 am
By: News 9

Kelly Ogle, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma has a tough new Governor. If you doubt it you should've been sitting out there on the platform with us Monday.

It was bitter cold, the chairs were dusted with snow, even the microphones had a layer of ice on them, and yet Mary Fallin never wavered in her desire to have her inauguration outside on the south steps of the Capitol.

Maybe she was trying to send a message to the old boys in the legislature, or to the young girls in the audience.

There were quite a few of them there Monday for the swearing in of our first female Governor.

Even two of my daughters insisted they be in the audience to see it. I took a picture of them with my frozen phone.

There they were near the back row long before the ceremony started, in the snow with their toe warmers keeping them company.

To be honest, it surprised me how insistent they were that they be there.

Perhaps being in the news business and following events from day to day as they develop we get a bid jaded to what we're reporting on.

After 103 years Oklahoma finally has a woman as governor, and it took my two shivering daughters to make me realize the historical significance of that.

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