25 Foot Tree Becomes Icy Sculpture In Choctaw

Thursday, January 13th 2011, 6:02 pm
By: News 9


CHOCTAW, Oklahoma – A 25 foot tree frame becomes an icy sculpture every winter in Choctaw.

The owner said the tree came from Heritage Mall a long time ago and it's been put up in Choctaw for the last few years before it came to her.

"I asked if I could have it. And one of the street guys in June was going to haul it off for scrap metal and I said ‘No that's mine,'" said the sculpture owner Jeannie Abts.

Abts said the tree frame was brought to her a few days later welded together. At one point it was being held together by coat hangers.

The owner said it has to be under 25 degrees for the ice tree to happen. She grows vines and flowers on it in the summer.

The icy creation is certainly eye catching. if you see something interesting, snap a picture or video and e-mail it to pics@news9.net.