2 Foster Children Of OKC Police Officer Accused Of Sex Acts Have Run Away

Saturday, January 22nd 2011, 5:43 pm
By: News 9


OKLAHOMA CITY -- Two of the foster children of an Oklahoma City police officer accused of molesting one of them have run away from DHS protective custody.

They are two of the six either adoptive or foster sons of Oklahoma City Police Sergeant Maurice Martinez. All six boys were taken into DHS protective custody after he was arrested.

One of Sgt. Maurice Martinez's sons told three women at his church that Martinez forced him to perform sex acts.

Martinez has been a foster parent for the last 11 years and he's taken care of more than 50 kids over that time. His family said these are the first accusations against him. Martinez was recently named one of the top foster parents in Oklahoma.

His family and many of his former foster children said the allegations are untrue and the boy accusing him was disgruntled.

"If it was true, a lot more kids would have come forward and said it. But nobody else has," said former foster son Leviticus Banicki. "Just one, and it was because he was mad and didn't get his way."

Oklahoma City Police Captain Patrick Stewart said an investigation into Martinez began after an anonymous source was made to DHS last week alleging he was involved in some type of sexual abuse.

No charges have been filed against Martinez. He bonded out of jail and is currently on administrative leave.