Snow Closes OKC Businesses, Hits Employees In Their Wallets

Monday, February 7th 2011, 11:43 pm
By: News 9

Rusty Surette, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Several businesses around the state were forced to close during last week's winter storm. Now many employees are bracing for what may be another hit to their wallets.

Anna Pittman is a stylist at Anthony David Salon.

"We stay pretty busy here though just being in the mall," Pittman said.

Scott Glidewell is bartender at Paseo Grill.

"I'm lucky I'm able to do something on a daily basis," Glidewell said.

Pittman and Glidewell have two totally differently jobs, but there is one thing they both have in common.

"I rely on my tips, yeah. It's half the money I make," Pittman said.

Both of them make a living off tips.

So, when last week's winter storm hit and forced most businesses to close, those tips weren't coming in.

"I missed three days because of the storm. I'm out of luck. I have to work really hard to catch up on what I missed out on," Pittman said.

Glidewell said 90 percent of his salary comes from tips, so missing work last week has put a big dent in his wallet.

"In January I was definitely below my typical average, and in February I've already started behind," Glidewell said.

Like many others in the service industry, Pittman and Glidewell are doing what they can to make up for lost time and wages. Their biggest fear now is the next storm.

"So if we were to close Tuesday, Wednesday again, it would be difficult," Glidewell said.

Pittman and Glidewell said business finally picked up last Friday, and it really picked up on Saturday once the sun came out.