Oklahoma County Commissioner's Mom Shoots, Kills Strays Attacking Pet

Thursday, February 17th 2011, 1:21 pm
By: News 9


OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma County Commissioner's mother was forced to shoot and kill two stray dogs after they went after her pet.

Oklahoma County Commissioner Brian Maughan lives across the street from his mother, Charlotte, and said she had just let out the family's 9-year-old Australian Shepherd Mollie, when two stray bull terriers attacked the dog.

Brian said he and several neighbors attempted to pull the dogs apart but were unable. That's when Charlotte, who has a concealed weapons license, went inside, grabbed her gun and shot the two stray bull terriers, killing them both.

"If it hadn't have been for my mom, I'm sure that we probably would've been injured too because I think they were coming after us about the time she brought out the gun," Brian said.

Brian took Mollie to an animal surgery clinic. A veterinarian treated the dog for several puncture wounds. Mollie will require more treatment, but her prognosis for survival is good.

"We're just happy she's alive," Maughan said.

His mother is quite shaken from the incident, but Animal Control workers said shooting the dogs was the only thing to do.

The episode worried neighbor Virgie Clay.

"I was thinking what if it had been a child or a person," Clay said.

Police said they are working to track down the owners of the bull terriers.