Judge Orders OKC Truck Stop To Take Steps To End Prostitution

Friday, April 8th 2011, 11:18 am
By: News 9


OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma County judge has ruled in favor of Oklahoma City in a lawsuit aimed at stopping rampant prostitution at the Five Star Truck Stop on N.E. 120th Street.

On October 26, 2010, the city filed a nuisance abatement lawsuit against Mian Rashid, the owner of Five Star Truck Stop. The lawsuit stated the truck stop was a public nuisance due to prostitutes who were often seen servicing truckers in the parking lot.

The city filed the lawsuit after issuing two notices to Rashid, advising him on how to rid his property of the so-called "lot lizards." Despite the notices, the suit claimed Rashid made no attempt to stop prostitutes from plying their trade at the truck stop.

On Thursday, April 7, Judge Bryan Dixon agreed with Oklahoma City. He ordered Five Star Truck Stop to take the following steps to resolve the prostitution issue:

  • Post and maintain "No Trespassing" and "No Soliciting" signs in conspicuous places on the property.
  • Repair, replace and enhance fencing to completely separate the Five Star Truck Stop property from the motels to the east and the property to the south, and continuously and permanently maintain said fencing.
  • Increase lighting or improve video camera capabilities on the property and purchase, maintain and monitor video equipment in a manner sufficient to provide continuous surveillance of the truck parking lot for prostitution, and provide copies of all video surveillance data in usable form to the Oklahoma City Police Department upon request.
  • Immediately hire CLEET (Council on Law Enforcement, Education and Training) certified security guards capable of taking trespassing prostitutes into custody, and instruct these guards to take prostitutes into custody at all time of the day and night. During certain hours of the day and night, the security guards shall be armed.

In October 2010, Rashid told News 9 he'd hired security, added security cameras and complied with the city's requests, and he couldn't understand why he was being sued.

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